Project Update

Episode Archive

Episode Archive

38 episodes of Project Update since the first episode, which aired on July 1st, 2019.

  • 14: We haven't filed your paperwork

    September 30th, 2019  |  47 mins 24 secs

    This week Joe created a ton of additional complexity for a simple sorting feature. Dave installed macOS Catalina, many many times.

  • 13: Eventual Consistency

    September 23rd, 2019  |  1 hr 11 mins

    This week Dave makes a breakthrough in the complexity of his calculation parser. Joe finally discusses the app he is building and what it's all about.

  • 12: Tap it like you mean it

    September 16th, 2019  |  49 mins 28 secs

    This week Joe runs into the rough edges of SwiftUI and makes a plan to ship a beta version. Dave makes progress with ANTLR and escapes into Borderlands 3.

  • 11: Is AR ready yet

    September 9th, 2019  |  49 mins 18 secs
    indiedev, swiftui

    Joe got back from vacation and made a bunch of progress with Core Data. Dave made progress on this calculation parser. They discuss the most difficult phase of projects.

  • 10: Special Guest Charlie Chapman

    September 3rd, 2019  |  1 hr 25 mins

    This week Joe and Dave are joined by Charlie Chapman to discuss his app Dark Noise.

  • 9: Visitors are bad Listeners

    August 26th, 2019  |  48 mins 31 secs
    antlr, swiftui

    This week Dave continued to make progress with ANTLR. Joe spent the week banging his head against SwiftUI.

  • 8: Really I couldn't

    August 19th, 2019  |  32 mins 9 secs
    antlr, swiftui

    A short episode this week: Joe talks about continuing development and small issues with SwiftUI. Dave has an ANTLR update.

  • 7: Weird but effective

    August 12th, 2019  |  1 hr 2 mins

    Joe made some progress with SwiftUI and decided to use it in production. Dave returned from FileMaker DEVCON with good news and bad news. Joe was right (four years ago) about FileMaker and APIs #JoeWasRight

  • 6: Indie Working Conditions

    August 5th, 2019  |  57 mins 16 secs
    c#, filemaker, indiedev, swift

    Dave is out this week attending the FileMaker Developers Conference. Instead of our regular Project Updates we decided to record a special episode detailing how we get work done. We talk about hardware, software, development environments, home offices, schedules, and other things that effect how we produce software.

  • 5: Platonic ideal of a variable

    July 29th, 2019  |  55 mins 53 secs
    app design, c#, filemaker, indiedev, swift

    This week Joe talks about his progress with an icon picker and his challenges with Auto Layout. He also had a bad time with SwiftUI. Dave went back to the drawing board on this calculation parser and received some interesting feedback from other developers.

  • 4: Special Guest Heidi Helen Pilypas

    July 22nd, 2019  |  1 hr 31 mins
    app design, c#, filemaker, indiedev, swift

    This week Heidi Helen Pilypas joins Dave and Joe as their first guest on Project Update. Heidi is the designer behind some great apps such as "When Did I..." and "Capsicum".

  • 3: The diff is still talking

    July 15th, 2019  |  1 hr 21 mins
    c#, filemaker, indiedev, swift, virtual reality, vr

    Joe wrapped up the design phase of his project and Dave participated in a code review. They both have a long road ahead on their projects.

    Bonus segment: Joe & Dave talk about the current state of Virtual Reality for those who may be interested.